Our services are simple yet powerful. 

We specialize in contract manufacturing of microphones for distributors, retailers and manufacturers seeking to private label our products or outsource their manufacturing.

We can offer our clients exclusive rights to certain product lines. We are also highly skilled in manufacturing proprietary designs at very cost effective rates.

You are provided with an account manager who can come to you, further decreasing your costs by reducing or eliminating travel expenses. And best of all, you retain the low costs associated with manufacturing in China.

We can take your concept from engineering drawings and/or samples to production ready status in less than 120 days.

To put it simply, our services will generate significant savings.

Would you like to...

Decrease expenses for plant and floor space?
Buy direct from the manufacturer in China?
Decrease management spending on production related issues?
Expand your product line with minimal financial impacts?
Concentrate more on research, development and sales?
Decrease component costs?
Realize higher profits?

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, it’s time to contact us and start realizing your savings.

Start gaining the advantage you deserve!

A process developed around you.


  You will provide us with your engineering drawings or samples, and we will work with you to ensure the most cost efficient methods are utilized in production without sacrificing quality.


  Before any production run is made, pre-production samples are delivered to you for approval. If necessary, adjustments will be made to the prototype giving you complete confidence in the quality of your product. Typical turn around from concept to prototype is 120 days or less.


  We provide strict adherence to production guidelines so our clients are assured they will receive the quality they expect. Once you have approved the prototype, we can typically begin production in 60 days or less.

Quality Control:

  Before leaving the production line, all of your products are inspected to ensure they match the quality standards of the pre-production prototypes.


  Clients are responsible for shipping and handling charges, we will package and ship the products direct from our factory in China according to your specifications. If speedy delivery is a concern, your products can be shipped almost anywhere in the world in a matter of just a few days.

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